Westerwood Hotel Golf and Country Club official opening medal – Part 4, Commissions by Ron Dutton

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Westerwood medal bronze edition by Ron Dutton 1991

 Although the medal was designed for a specific occasion I still wanted one which would have a general appeal to collectors. To heighten the impact of the visual image Ron has added a poetic legend, SET PRECIOUS IN THESE ROLLING HILLS-A GOLFERS DREAM BESET BY QUARRY POND WATERFALL. Most win-win casino game of thrones free slots! Manage to collect your winnings!


The waterfall cascading down the quarry rock face is difficult to discern on both the photograph and medal. The view from the top of the quarry gives a better impression.

Bronze  additions of the medal were presented to the British Museum and Dutch Medal Cabinet.

The easel on which the plaque was mounted was designed and made by our local cabinet- maker Jean Burhouse in American black walnut. Jean was one of the many crafts people employed on the various projects all of whom were a delight to work with.


Westerwood Hotel official opening ceremony

The unveiling of the Westerwood plaque, 1991.

From left to right, Max Alsem, the Rt. Hon. Margaret Thatcher,  David Mitchell, and Anna Flagg.

Mrs. Thatcher’s professionalism shone throughout her visit, she was at ease speaking to both the staff and executives and showed a genuine interest in the proceedings as well as having a good background knowledge of the Westerwood project.

During the unveiling she paid attention to the smallest detail, putting her thumb over the printed slip in the box in order to turn the medal over to view both sides. When she pulled  the cord to reveal the plaque it was still slightly obscured, she carefully adjusted the curtain to give a clear view and held the medal to the side of the plaque to compare the designs and offer a photo opportunity.

This event concluded mine and Pat’s association with the company as we decided it was time we bought a hotel of our own, The Abbey Hotel in Wymondham, Norfolk. Our friendship and commissions with Ron Dutton continued.

Ref: The BAMS journal The Medal No. 22, 1993.

Paul Connor Norwich Coin and Medal Society May 2013

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