Westerwood Hotel Golf and Country Club – Part 3, Commissions by Ron Dutton

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The hotel was a green field site project which had spectacular views over the Campsie and Kilsyth hills. A good spot for the championship golf course designed by Dave Thomas and Seve Ballesteros. Most win-win casino game of thrones free slots! Manage to collect your winnings!

Although the hotel was a new build it still gave Ron Dutton his most difficult challenge. With the onset of the electronic age there was no need for key tags, what we did need was a frog for the swimming pool. Ron used a bronze frog from an addition of twenty originally commissioned by Tadpole Industries.


On the day the swimming pool was opened I stood on one side and watched to see if the children would find a week point we had overlooked. You will notice an arc of water emanating from the frogs mouth. Little boys sitting on the frog gave the impression they were producing the spout of water!

One of the most awe inspiring golf holes was set below an old quarry face. The picture of this was to become an important part of Ron’s next commissions.


Westerwood Quarry golf green

In 1991 Max Alsem our chairman indicated he would like the Rt. Hon. Margaret Thatcher MP to perform the official opening ceremony. This choice posed several problems due to the short lead-in time we would have once she accepted due to the secrecy and security attached to her visit.

I only had five weeks to organise the company’s side of the visit. It was decided that a silver medal would be presented to Mrs Thatcher with bronze additions being given to guests at the lunch. A plaque would be designed for the unveiling.  Ron rose to the occasion and delivered the medal and plaque in record time and managed to incorporate many unique features.


The Westerwood Hotel and Golf Course plaque and medal 1991


 The elements used on the plaque and medal designed by Ron Dutton


The original art work for the Westerwood medal by Ron Dutton


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