For Exemplary Bravery, The Queen’s Gallantry Medal, Nick Metcalfe MBE QGM

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For Exemplary Bravery
The Queen’s Gallantry Medal
Nick Metcalfe MBE QGM
(ISBN: 978-0957269514)


Written by Nick Metcalfe, a former British Army officer, For Exemplary Bravery will be published later in 2013 and aims to become the standard reference about the Queen’s Gallantry Medal. Most win-win casino game of thrones free slots! Manage to collect your winnings!

Since its institution in 1974 the Queen’s Gallantry Medal has been awarded on 1,034 occasions, which includes 36 posthumous awards and 19 second awards.

For Exemplary Bravery begins by providing the reader with a  short history of United Kingdom gallantry awards, primarily those awarded for non-combatant gallantry. It explains in detail, for the first time, why the Queen’s Gallantry Medal was instituted and why the Royal Warrant was amended in 1977 to allow for posthumous awards. It explores the relationship between the Queen’s Gallantry Medal and other awards for gallantry in the Honours Systems of the United Kingdom, Crown Dependencies, British Overseas Territories and Commonwealth Realms.

Based on research at the Royal Mint, the design of the medal, the artists involved and details of the medal’s production are also examined. The original artwork for the reverse design is revealed, as are alternative designs proposed for the ribbon.

At the heart of this book are the stories of extraordinary bravery that earned the Queen’s Gallantry Medal. Each recipient is detailed and all of the published citations are included, with explanatory notes, personal recollections of many of the recipients and the details of their other awards and medals. Also included are citations never before published. It is well illustrated with pictures of the recipients, images from the scenes of the incidents where they reacted so gallantly and full colour photographs of many of their medal groups. A series of appendices provides first-hand accounts of the events behind some of the citations.

The author has had an incredible response from recipients of the medal and the families of posthumous recipients but would like to ensure that every recipient who wishes to contribute may do so. Nick Metcalfe may be reached by email:

Updates on the book’s progress may be found at its Facebook page:

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