Common crowns can have an interesting story

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ELIZABETH 11, acc. 1952


1965 Churchill Commemorative Crown Spink 4144

Denomination: Crown
Date Issued: 1965
Obv: ELIZABETH 11 DEI GRATIA REGINA F. D. 1965 around young head laureate r.

Note. BRIT. OMN omitted from the legend

Translation of the legend: Elizabeth 11 by the Grace of God Defender of the Faith.

Boarder. Crenellated.

Designer’s Initials: MG on the truncation.

The Gillick obverse design of the 1960 crown was modified to substitute the date for any reference to the value. This is the first crown to omit the value since 1902.
Rev: CHURCHILL, in block capitals, bust of Sir Winston Churchill r. portrayed in his famous ‘Siren suit’. Most win-win casino game of thrones free slots! Manage to collect your winnings!

Note. Nemon’s low relief in a rough sculptural technique did not lend itself to hasty mass production. It is the only occasion that a bust on a British coin is an integral part of the coin as apposed to an effigy “struck” on the flan. It is possible the first occasion that this technique was used on
a coin design. His portrait on the coin was derived from the Churchill profile bust that Nemon had completed in marble for Her Majesty, The Queen. The siren suited likeness is now at Windsor Castle.
(Ref: The Medallic Portraits of Sir Winston Churchill, J. Eric Engstrom p.47.)
(Ref: Royal Mint Website.)

The first time the head of a commoner has appeared on a coin of the realm in addition to that of the sovereign.

The ‘R’ in Churchill varies.
Designer’s Initials: None.
That a coin should carry the initials of the artist is an entirely acceptable feature, but in this instance a decision was made to remove them on an approved coin possibly because they did not suit Nemon’s unconventional
(Ref: Royal Mint Museum 17-7-2007)

Edge: Grained
Alloy: Cupro-nickel Diameter: 38mm Weight: 28 grms
Designer: Obv. Mary Gillick
Designer: Rev. Oscar Nemon (His one and only coin design).

Nemon met Churchill in Marrakesh in 1950 and they became close friends.
(Ref: The Medallic Portraits of Sir Winston Churchill, J Eric Engstrom .p. 47.)

Mint: Royal Mint London.
Mintage:19,640,000 stuck.
The satin finish examples are very rare.

Lady Churchill started the coining press in September, receiving the first Churchill Crown. Distribution to the public began on October 11, 1965, and production
continued until the summer of 1966 to supply demand for the coin and its controversial portrait of Sir Winston. The Queen was on a visit to the Royal Mint, coined one of the crowns which was then presented to Lady Churchill.
(Ref: The Medallic Portraits of Sir Winston Churchill, J. Eric Engstrom. P. 47.)

Collections: A.N.S., Ashmolean, Marquess of Bath, British Museum, Engstrom, Fitzwilliam, Kadman, Nation Maritime Museum, Oslo, Smithsonian Institution.
(Ref: The Medallic Portraits of Sir Winston Churchill J. Eric Engstrom. p. 47.)

Ref: Coin & Medal News March 1989 p. 24
The Medallic Portraits of Sir Winston Churchill, J. Eric Engstrom
ISBN – Library of Congress catalogue card number: 72-88700
Spinks publication.
Spink Catalogue.
BAMS Journal, The Medal No 52, Spring 2008 p22.

Other Design Entries:

Michael Rizello and Cecil Thomas also submitted designs. Thomas’s limitations, as seen by the Royal Mint, are expressed in a letter concerning the design of the Churchill crown in 1965. The deputy master of the Royal Mint, Jack James, wrote to Sir Kenneth Clark, who was a member of the Royal Mint Advisory Committee, to say that Thomas had been asked to produce sketches, adding: ‘though not very imaginative, he is a most competent craftsman and will always turn out a good and coinable effigy in fairly fast time. Although the sculptors Michael Rizzello and Oscar Nemon had also asked to come up with designs, Thomas agreed to take part despite his vow never to enter another competition under the Advisory Committee. In a letter to Buckingham Palace of March 1965, James describes Thomas as ‘a first rate craftsman who has never done a bad coin design and may be expected to turn out good work’, and explained that Nemon had been approached following the suggestion by Martin Charteris, the Queen’s assistant private secretary, that he ‘knew a lot about Churchill’, by which Charteris seems to have meant that Nemon had good connections with the Churchill family. Thomas suggested that if he were successful he could also design a new portrait of the Queen for the obverse, thereby making the coin a unified work, but Nemon’s design was chosen and the Gillick head was retained. Thomas responded to the letter that came with his consolation fee with the words: ‘The fates decree that I shall not have my rightful place in the numismatics of this country’. He had put a great deal of work into the Churchill design and felt that the only reason he had not won the commission was because Lady Churchill favoured Nemon.
Ref: The Medal No. 52 spring 2008 p.22.

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