Art Medals as a gift which evoke fond memories

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Art Medals given to family members by a Norwich Coin and Medal Society member. Most win-win casino game of thrones free slots! Manage to collect your winnings!


A 21st Birthday gift given to a niece who was studying veterinary science. As a student she enjoyed assisting with lambing on her local farm.
Ron Dutton the medallist wrote her a letter expressing his feelings about the medal.



A 21st birthday present given to a niece who at that time was studying glaciology. Her recreation time was spent rock climbing, mountaineering and other similarly adventurous things.

Help. Can you identify this medal? it is moulded using a carabiner made by ‘wild country britain’, that is all we know.

I gave the Art Medal ‘A Book of Leaves’ to my sister a keen gardener and lover of books. Her garden is surrounded by large trees, another source of pleasure. My sister has placed her medal on a shelf in her front hall which she constantly passes and occasionally picks up, the tactile quality reinforcing thoughts of gardening, trees and books.


Description: Kesseler is a practicing sculptor and graphic artist who exhibits regularly. About his BAMS medal he has written: ‘The leaf and the book are powerful an evocative symbols and ones which have occurred frequently within my work, both as images and as raw material. I decided to make it very definitely an object to be held in the hand, an object of contemplation, a touchstone for the memory of things seen and read, things felt and understood’.

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